About Us


My Name is IAN CHEN, a full-time Real Estate Investment & Loan Consultant since 2020. My role involves assisting homeowners in finding their dream homes and guiding investors on optimizing their investment portfolios to maximize returns. Over the years, I've helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals by providing professional advice on obtaining mortgage loans tailored to their needs. If you know someone who could benefit, feel free to contact me.

Formerly graduated as a Petroleum Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry, I transitioned into real estate in 2020 (yes, the toughest MCO 3.0). Despite the challenges, I'm persistently working towards my dream. Many wonder why I left a lucrative job in Singapore. While the allure of SGD was strong, I had a different path to pursue and sought new challenges. The real estate industry has provided diverse experiences, shaping me into who I am today.

My team and I specialize in new development projects (primary market), collaborating with reputable developers in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. (WHY PRIMARY MARKET? Contact me for details) We focus on assisting home buyers, particularly the younger generation facing challenges in securing their dream homes. People often ask about the right time to buy a property; our response is NOW, NOW, and NOW! There's never a perfect time; when you're ready, it's the right time. Holding onto money in the bank diminishes its value over time.

Whether you aim to own a home for your family or are a seasoned investor expanding your real estate portfolio, feel free to approach us. Let's share thoughts and perspectives, as there's no right or wrong in opinions. Life is a continuous journey of learning and sharing.